The company was started in the 1880’s by John Sherratt and

Ernest Hughes, trading as Antiquarian Booksellers.

The partnership flourished and resulted in the birth of the famous Sherratt & Hughes bookshop in St Anne’s Square, Manchester.

By the turn of the century books publishing was added to the business and then printing equipment installed in the rear of the premises.

In the 1920‘s printing had become a major part of the company and a large factory was opened in Timperley in the south of Manchester, which was equipped to produce books from typesetting to printing and case binding.

In 1947 the bookshop was sold to W H Smith Ltd and the company changed its name to John Sherratt & Son Ltd, it continued to be a major Manchester publisher and book printer to many London publishers.

In the early 1970’s Phillip Westaway joined the board of directors, and a major decision was made to concentrate the company’s activities to publishing and trade bookbinding, and this resulted in the move to the company’s current premises in Hotspur House.

Phillip Westaway acquired the company from the Sherratt family in 1976 and so began a comprehensive and on-going investment in the very latest machinery and equipment.

When Hotspur House was acquired by the company John Sherratt & Company Ltd was created as a trade bookbinder and publisher, with John Sherratt & Son Ltd continuing as a completely separate investment company.

Andrew Westwood joined the company in 2004, with the aim of taking over from

Phillip Westaway as owner on his retirement, this was completed in 2009.